Worship And Creative

Our God is unlimited in creativity

Worship and Creative

Our goal is to cultivate a place where all types of creative people can connect, be inspired and develop!

We love to see creative gifts unleashed, celebrated and developed in individuals for purpose of building an environment of worship and to express how amazing our God is.

Worship and Creative covers everything from leading worship, musicians, vocals, youth band, technical/sound, lighting, media, video, stage design, drama, dance and productions.

Worship Team Night

It's our night each week to train, equip, inspire, challenge, pray, worship, ESTABLISH CULTURE AND COMMUNITY.

There are always three parts to these nights: Worship, Word and Training.

We worship and pray every time we meet. Maybe it's just a guitar or piano, but we always do. This is our highest priority.

To be a part of the Worship or Creative teams, we want you know firstly, that you are welcome and secondly, you are welcome to contribute to one of the things we value most - community.

So if this is something that you are interested in finding out more about, then talk to one of our leaders and come along to our team night.