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Bay City Youth exists so that students can own their faith by connecting with God, living in community and serving their city.

Boost - Tweens: School Years 7 & 8

Sunday Boost programme is held at Bay City. We encourage your tween and also their friends to join us for a Sunday service. We start the morning with main worship up the front of church, then move into "The Zone" (youth room next to BC kids). These mornings are God-focussed with without explanation automatically means a guaranteed fun filled morning. We look forward to hanging out with your tween on Sunday mornings.


Youth Training in Action: School Years 9-13

Emerge is a strong God and bible-focussed ministry where we aim to see extreme groth amougst those who want to commit to this weekly youth training. It is an open ministry for school tears 9-13 and there are requirements and a commitment that will need to be given by your youth, along with abiding by the boundaries that will be set in place.

Our goal is to equip and train the Emerge group so that they become a generation who stand out amongst the youth of today, be examples of what God can do in your life and are leaders amongst the generations. Emerge runs the first 3 Sundays of every month from 3:30pm - 5:30pm at Bay City,


School Years 7 - 13

This ministry is run during the 4th week of the month and youth will be notified of the exact date the activity will take place. Youth Live is a ministry with more of an evangelistic vibe to it where friends are strongly encouraged to come along. Youth Live is also an opportunity for all school years to come together and mix in a social setting in an atmosphere where everyone feels included. the main focus is to have unlimited fun, build relationships and it all happen in a safe environment. youth Live will be held either at Bay City or at another location around the Bay.